Let's Build Jacob A Playground


Like many other 4-year-old boys, Jacob loves to be outside running around, riding tricycles, digging in the dirt, and watching slimy worms crawl through the mud after a rainstorm.

While Jacob's home is safe and cozy, the opportunities for Jacob to play, learn, and explore outdoors are not easy to come by in his urban, North Omaha neighborhood, where 6 in 10 children live in poverty.

With your help, Jacob and the other children who live in his neighborhood will soon be able to climb trees, tumble through the grass, and actively discover the wonders of nature at the NCHS Nature Explore playground being constructed at 3549 Fontenelle Blvd.

Your donation will help finish construction of the playground/outdoor classroom, and help provide for its ongoing upkeep so children like Jacob can learn and grow for years to come.

Playing, imagining and exploring nature and our environment are crucial to every child's healthy start in life. We know that outdoor play has countless positive effects on children, such as advanced development of motor fitness, increased problem solving skills and creativity, reduced stress, and improvements in the ability to concentrate for children with ADHD. Please help give Jacob and his friends and neighbors the chance to learn and explore the outside world around them in a safe place to play! Helping to ensure our children's health and safety helps to ensure our future.

Tagan Newbill

Early Childhood Program Director

NCHS Children and Family Center

How You Can Help

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Our GOAL is to raise $20,000 to complete construction and purchase all supplies and materials for the Nature Explore Classroom. Will you help NCHS make a difference and positively impact the children in the North Omaha community? Your gift, no matter what size, will help us meet our goal.

Naming rights are available for gifts of $1,000 or more. You will be contacted by Development to discuss your options.

Let's build Jacob a Nature Explore Playground!

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